Avoid fatigue in your hands and wrists

Manuxa makes it easy for you to handle everyday tasks without inciting pain and exhausting your hands and wrists.


Personal fitting


Easy to use


Power grip


Pinch grip


The gripper is washable and easy to put on, take off or swing to the side.

It comes in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large.

Drive unit

The drive unit is light and does not weigh down your arm. It is easily charged the same way as your mobile phone.


The orthosis works as a support bandage with a brace. The brace can be adjusted individually.

It comes in four sizes: Small, medium, large and extra large.

Try Manuxa
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Fill out our contact form with your contact information and your Manuxa preferences. We will contact you shortly afterwards.


Together we will find out the best way for you to try Manuxa and arrange for a trial period, if desired.


After a trial period of approximately 2 weeks, we will contact you again to hear your results. We will be happy to help and assist you with financing or other steps you would like to take.